We welcome applicants from all backgrounds to sign up for the UMV MRC! There are three parts to the membership process.

  1. Create an account on www.MAResponds.org and register for our unit – one of six listed under ‘Northeast.’ Easy step-by-step instructions with screen displays (6 pages total) are available here. JUST SIGN UP FOR ONE UNIT. (Later you may choose to add another, but it’s best to start with one and get to know about MRCs.) If you have medical credentials, that’s the place to include them. (Registered nurses need to include the letters ‘RN’ at the start of their license number, as in RN123456.)

  2. AFTER you have created your profile and registered on the state’s web site, complete and submit the CORI form. This form is required of all MA Responds participants – including MRC members – even if they have successfully cleared a recent CORI check with other organizations: scouting, church / synagogue, sports coaches, etc. The current policy requires volunteers to PRINT and sign the hardcopy form, and either have it notarized or bring to a MA Responds administrator (Nancy, Arlene or Shari) to sign. Then mail the form to the address shown on the bottom of the first page. (You can abbreviate the organization titles as shown.)

         MDPH / OPEM
         67 Forest Street, Suite 100
         Marlboro, MA 01752

    When the form is received, you’ll see a green check on that section of your MA Responds application. This does not mean it’s been processed; you’ll receive an email within two weeks to verify whether it was cleared.

  3. Attend an orientation, which usually takes less than 90 minutes. Meet your fellow members, learn about deployments and opportunities, and leave with a good sense of your role in the unit – along with UMV MRC materials. New Member Orientations are scheduled regularly as needed.

If you have trouble printing the CORI form, you may need the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer. Most computers have Adobe Acrobat already installed. If Adobe Acrobat is not on your computer, you can follow the download and installation instructions here. Click here to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat reader

You needn’t live or work in our seven communities to join the unit, as long as you’re willing to participate in our activities. Please contact us if you’d like to serve!

Ms. Nancy Burns – EMT, CHEP, AFAA
UMV MRC Coordinator
c/o Health Department
55 Main Street (mailing address)
23 Depot Street (office location)
Westford, MA 01886

In case of questions, please call 978-399-2549 or contact us.