Those who’d like to see our members in action at a range of events in recent years are encouraged to click on the links below.

Until Help Arrives — 6/27/17 (25 minutes) One of the many activities in which we promoted the new federal program involved a TV interview on The Lisa Wessan Show.

HOSA Involvement : We welcomed five students from the local chapter of HOSA — formerly Health Occupation Students of America, now Future Health Professionals — to be filmed at several events while working with our members on key public health initiatives:

6/20/17 (5 minutes) — Two students describe emergency preparedness for a module in our first pilot class of the new federal program, Until Help Arrives:

6/4/17 (2 minutes 30 secs) — A student is carefully supervised by a certified ‘Stop the Bleed’ instructor when inviting Tewksbury residents to learn about the application of a CAT tourniquet:

5/6/2017 (2 minutes) — A student is assisted by a certified EMT and American Heart Assn. instructor to demonstrate the use of Hands-Only CPR at a health fair:

3/20/17 (2 minutes) — A student illustrates the value of having a 72-hour kit at a local community festival.

Chelmsford Town Talk — 11/18/15 (15 minutes). Please click on this link, Town Talk, for the 11/18 cable TV interview with your coordinator and a long-term volunteer about the MRC and our unit. Our 15-minute segment runs from 1:50 to 16:40. Kindly share the link with anyone who may be interested in the MRC. The interview summarizes key points regarding our national program, crucial health initiatives, and our unit’s most recent activities.

Wake-up Call — 5/10/14 shelter exercise, aired twice on WCVB TV (under 30 seconds)

Members in Action: 9/2014 to 9/2015 — Featured video at 9/29/15 Member Appreciation Dinner, created by our own Tracey LeBlanc, EMT (4 minutes):

Members In Action: 9/2013 to 9/2014 –Featured video at 9/16/14 Member Appreciation Dinner (4 minutes): click here.

Chelmsford Selectmen presentation 10/6/14 (14 minutes): Watch it here.

Training Day — 11/8/2014 — Watch our three-minute Training Day Tribute here, which thanks our participants from their involvement..

Two additional videos are from our affiliates:

ASPR Welcomes MRC — When the MRC transitioned from the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General to ASPR (Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response), in OEM (the Office of Emergency Management),
Dr. Nicole Lurie led her organization in sending an e-mail and offering a warm welcome. Watch the video on YouTube: