Until Help Arrives!

We are pleased to share that our unit received a 'mini-grant' through the Upper Merrimack Valley Public Health Coalition. The requirements were to complete a project that would benefit the entire seven-community region, and be completed by June 30.

All of the goals for this short turn-around project -- less than seven weeks! -- were completed successfully. We were awarded $3939 to promote two new federal programs, and to make our unit's first aid kit more robust to support events across the region.

'You Are The Help... Until Help Arrives' was rolled out as a major initiative for the MRC in April. The UMV MRC trained 14 members how to team-teach this new federal curriculum. We offered it as a pilot course to our own members on Flag Day, June 14. The feedback was highly enthusiastic. We then delivered this course for 30 members of the public and MRC volunteers on June 29. See the flyer for details. These were the first two classroom versions of 'Until Help Arrives' to be held in Massachusetts.

'Topic 4' of the curriculum explains how bystanders can apply basic skills to stop life-threatening bleeding at the scene of an emergency. A more in-depth version of this segment was released in October 2016, called 'Stop The Bleed.' Our unit now has three instructors who are certified to teach 'Stop the Bleed' t first responders. Moreover, we've agreed to train a local police department in these skills during their in-service education this October.


Upper Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corps, 55 Main Street, Westford, MA 01886